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Birrie, H., Balcha, F., Erko, B., Bezuneh, A., & Gemeda, N. (1998). Investigation into the cercariacidal and miracidiacidal properties of endod (phytolacca dodecandra) berries (type 44). East African Medical Journal, 75(5), 311–314. 
Resource type: Journal Article
ID no. (ISBN etc.): 0012835X
BibTeX citation key: Birrie1998
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Categories: General
Keywords: abstracts, bioinformatics, biological patents, biomedical journals, biomedical research, citation networks, citation search, clinical guidelines, Europe PMC, Europe PubMed Central, full text, journal articles, life sciences, literature search, open access, ORCIDs, research articles, REST APIs, text mining
Creators: Balcha, Bezuneh, Birrie, Erko, Gemeda
Collection: East African Medical Journal
Attachments   URLs   https://europepmc. ... rticle/med/9747006
Aqueous extract of ground Endod (Phytolacca dodecandra) berries (Type 44) was investigated for its cercariacidal and miracidiacidal properties. Aqueous extract of the berries prevented snails from being infected by miracidia at a concentration of 4 ppm. Assessment of cercariacidal activity of Endod berries indicated that mortality of cercariae exposed to aqueous extract of Endod berries increased with increase in concentration of the test material and exposure time. Viability assessment test showed that pre-treatment of the cercariae with 12 ppm of the extract completely inhibited infection of mice by cercariae and significantly reduced tissue egg deposition and worm establishment in the mice (ANOVA, P <0.05) The potential use of (Phytolacca dodecandra) berries against schistosome larval stages in fresh water in a schistosomiasis control program is discussed.